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"New Zealand's Duvet" - Premium Wisewool Duvet


Invest in life-changing sleep with our premium wool duvet. Made by us and featuring beautiful needle-punched Wisewool, which delivers superior temperature regulation properties and no cold spots. Arguably the best duvet ever created – try it for yourself

We don't usually like to blow our own trumpet but we learned on the 2nd of October that Kind Face is a Good magazine 2023 Best of Natural Awards double winner!! Our Weighted Eye Mask has won the Lifestyle: Eco Home category and the Kind Face brand has also won the Most Mindful of People award!

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Pure New Zealand Wool

Filled with premium 100% Wisewool Needle-Punched Blanketing from Tairāwhiti Gisborne farms

New Zealand Made

Handmade in our Auckland workroom where people and planet come before profit

Better Sleep

Naturally moisture wicking, temperature regulating and hypoallergenic. Perfect for hot sleepers!

You Will Feel The Difference Versus Other Duvets

We are the first to offer duvets using Wisewool's superior 100% wool blanketing, which uses needle-punching to mechanically interlock the wool fibres. Experience better sleeping comfort year-round with our premium New Zealand-made duvet.

Why Choose the "New Zealand Duvet"?

The Sustainable Choice

The New Zealand Duvet is filled with pure New Zealand Wisewool, which is a 100% renewable resource. This duvet is the clear choice when it comes to environmental responsibility.

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Chemical-Free Sleep Environment

Create a healthier sleep space free from synthetic additives. Unlike many other duvets on the market, our duvet is manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals or toxins, for a safer, healthier sleep.

Luxurious Comfort

Snuggle up in blissful comfort every night. Wisewool is engineered for compression resilience, support and long-lasting comfort - while protecting the natural fibre's unique, organic state.

Temperature Regulating

The combination of premium cotton and Wisewool naturally delivers superior breathability and insulation, providing comfort in both warm and cool climates. 

Moisture Wicking

The moisture-wicking property of wool helps maintain a balanced microclimate beneath the duvet by efficiently moving excess moisture away from your body. No more waking up feeling hot or clammy.

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Hypoallergenic + Natural humidifier

Wool fibres trap dust, mould spores and other harmful allergens, removing them from the air and preventing them from being inhaled.

Wool is also a natural humidifier. It can absorb 25 percent of its own weight in moisture. On a damp day it takes the moisture from the air and on a dry day releases it back. Genius.

Made In Our Own Workroom

Thoughtfully crafted from local and imported environmentally responsible materials in our Auckland, New Zealand workroom.

We pride ourselves on our ethics and company values. From our workroom antics to material selection, we have considered the whole process in terms of sustainability and what's best for New Zealand and you.

Our Materials

Wisewool Needle Punched Blanketing

Wisewool's superior 100% wool blanketing, which uses needle-punching to mechanically interlock the wool fibres. This enhances the magical properties of wool, stops the fill from shifting and clumping, eliminates 'cold spots' and ensures a longer lifespan than regular wool duvets. Plus, it keeps synthetics away from your bedding and our beautiful environment.

Japara Cotton

Japara cotton fabric is a natural product which is made of quality cotton infused with a paraffin-based wax. It is then finely woven into a very durable cloth with a thick texture plus a silky feel and look. It is also found to be less susceptible to liquids and other staining elements. The tightly woven construction of Japara cotton fabric provides a luxurious feel, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking properties.


What Our Customers Have To Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jonathan Lewis (Auckland, NZ)
The Best

The 350 gsm duvet is the best we have ever had. Warm and cosy without being heavy and stifling.

Vivienne N. (Auckland, NZ)
Love my new duvet !

Really love this duvet , have the pillows also and won't buy any other brand now . Great quality and much prefer to support a sustainable NZ grown product made by a company with a great ethos..

Ros Read (Wellington, NZ)
Wisewool duvet

Fabulously warm and light. We’re thoroughly enjoying our sleeps under our new duvet 😊

K.B. (Auckland, NZ)
Love our Duvet

My wife and I just love our wool duvet. Cuddly and warm but not too heavy we are definitely sleeping much better since our purchase. Thanks Ken & Pam

Anthea (Christchurch, NZ)
Delicious deep restful sleep

I’ve always been a down duvet fan but found a new one with box panels was just too warm and no way to adjust the down filling. I wasn’t quite sure about the Kindface wool duvet but the first night captured me immediately. A very restful warm night and no more tossing and turning. It seems to be self regulating, plenty warm enough on cold nights and still lovely as spring approaches.
I lent it to friends for a night and they ordered their own the next day! And I got mine back!!
Highly recommended.