Kind Story


What began as producing necessities (creating quality linen face masks), soon transformed into revitalising people with better sleep, greater relaxation, and improved comfort.

Kind Face's mission is to create products that are not only amazingly useful to our fantastic customers but that we do it in a way that benefits everyone. We are passionate about helping our customers enjoy products that make them feel good, and that they feel good about buying!

We'd love to claim that we are 100% sustainable, but that is not practical! What we can do is continue our mission to do better and be as kind to the environment as possible while creating the best sleep and relaxation products that we can.

We are always reviewing the materials we source (both locally and internationally) and the way we do things to support our long-lasting commitment to sustainability and kindness for our planet.

Chris and Sarah Larcombe and family in Fiordland

“I have always been in awe of nature's power to revitalise - through textures, scents, and natural therapeutic properties. It made sense to use our existing manufacturing resources to create sustainable products that bring positive energy into the world.”

- Chris Larcombe, Founder

Feel good products

As a locally grown company, we're in awe of nature's power to revitalise - through textures, scents, and natural therapeutic properties.

We embrace this in product development and creation and through our commitment to sustainable business practices.

Our quality NZ-made products are designed to complement the aesthetic of our customers' homes, enhance their lifestyles through increased wellness, and make them ‘feel good'.

Kind Face Values

We pride ourselves on our ethics and company values. From our workroom antics to material selection, we have considered the whole process in terms of sustainability and what's best for New Zealand and you.


All our products are designed and handmade in a workplace where our people, our community and customers come before profit because operating ethically is important.

Kind to you

We source high-quality materials - free from synthetic fibres - used as nature intended because being energised for life is important.

Kind to the planet

Our shipping and packing materials are compostable or reusable for another purpose because sustainability is important. Read more about Our Materials here.

Kind to kiwi businesses

We choose to partner with other Kiwi businesses and manufacture locally because supporting the New Zealand economy is important.