Weighted Eye Pillow

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From yoga and meditation to stress relief, our weighted Linen Eye Pillows provide natural comfort. The washable stonewashed linen cover slips over a calico cotton inner.

✔ Handmade by us, in our Auckland workroom

✔ Environmentally responsible materials

✔ Packaged in a Kind Face branded gift box

Colour Copenhagen

We only use the best materials sourced through specialist NZ businesses.

The Linen Eye Pillows are handcrafted from these local and imported materials:

- Stonewashed linen

- Calico cotton

- NZ grown flax seeds

- Dried lavender flowers

- Spun polyester thread

- Cotton label

DO NOT wash or get wet. If your Eye Pillow does gets wet, dry it immediately (dehumidifier is best). DO NOT heat a wet Eye Pillow in the microwave

Linen Cover – Wash with regular items, cold wash is best

Calico Inner - Spot clean only with a damp cloth.

The natural linen becomes softer and more lustrous with use.

Kind Face™ products might have small imperfections due to the nature of being 100% handmade.


Use microwave only. DO NOT use gas or electric oven.

Microwave heating times will vary due to appliances. Add a mug of water next to the product when heating. The water provides hot moisture which is absorbed, preventing the flax seeds and linen from overheating and burning.

Ensure the Eye Pillow can rotate freely on the microwave turntable.

Heat in a clean microwave for 90 seconds. This should make it hot enough to be a comfortable, but non-burning temperature.

You may warm it further in 30-second increments until the desired temperature is reached.


Pack your Eye Pillow inside a clean plastic bag (provided during shipping) and place in the fridge or freezer for a minimum of 2 hours.

The Eye Pillow will not become an ice block if you leave it in the freezer for an extended time.

Remove from the bag and apply directly to skin.

Features and Benefits


Lavender is an age-old remedy to improve sleep quality and duration of sleep. The calming scent is known to promote relaxation and relieve stress.


Our Eye Pillows/Masks were designed to promote wellbeing and holistic personal care. Much like a weighted blanket, our masks/pillows provide a sensation of “grounding.” This may trigger release of calming hormones and ease your nerves.

Sleep Health

Darkness signals to your body that it’s time to sleep. Combined with the benefits of the lavender and grounding pressure, you’re sure to have a better night’s sleep.


Our eye pillows/masks can provide targeted relief, either by microwaving or placing in the freezer. Ease tension, headaches, and minor pains.

Support Local

We source all of our materials from local NZ suppliers and make each and every item in our Avondale workroom.

Invest in rest and relaxation

The eye pillow will conform to your face to block out light and apply firm but gentle pressure that relaxes the nervous system - think of it as a similar sensation to receiving a hug from a loved one.

Breathe in the calming lavender scent.... bliss.

You can choose to warm or chill, and enjoy therapeutic relief from:

• Migraine headaches• Tension headaches• Sinus pain• Eye strain• Puffy eyes• General comfort and relaxation

The sumptuous stonewashed linen cover is washable so you can use the eye pillow in many situations to relax and recharge, like a mid-afternoon nap in the office.

Our Eye Pillow is the perfect tool for your yoga and meditation bag. Take it with you anywhere to help relax and unwind in Shavasana.

Proudly designed and hand cut, stitched with love then hand filled in our Avondale workroom to be kind on you, the environment and economy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
KiwiWenders (Hamilton, NZ)
Luxe & Perfect for Relaxation

Just the right weight to encourage relaxation. Totally recommend.

Cordelia (Auckland, NZ)
Beautiful scent

Such a wonderful addition to a nap, so good for helping to melt any stress away. Also love the added versatility of being able to heat/cool it. Overall very happy with my linen eye pillow!

Thank you for posting your feedback Cordelia. We love hearing you are loving your Linen Eye Pillow :) Chris

Catherine Taylor (Whangarei, NZ)
Linen Eye Pillow

Really pleased with the quality of Kind Face eye pillows. I purchased one for my massage business, and will definitely be buying more in the future.

Thank you for your feedback Catherine. Feel free to email support@kindface.co.nz if you would like wholesale pricing for your business :) Chris

Tasha Olds (Dunedin, NZ)
Weighted Eye Mask for the win!

This is not only when cooled a great relief to a migraine sufferer, it also smells so nice!
I chill it in the fridge & it helps heaps when all you want is the dark & cool around you!

Jo (Wellington, NZ)
A little bit of calm

I love my eye pillow, it smells fantastic and is great to use while lying on my Shakti mat. Also very good to calm a headache