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We'd love to claim that our products are 100% perfect or sustainable, but this is not practical! What we aim to do is continue our mission to do better and be as kind to the environment as possible, while creating the best sleep and relaxtion products we can.

We really value feedback and the learning opportunities that come from it, and are extremely grateful to our customers for taking the time to share their below experiences. Thank you.

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"New Zealand's Duvet" - Premium Wisewool Duvet
Jonathan Lewis (Auckland, NZ)
The Best

The 350 gsm duvet is the best we have ever had. Warm and cosy without being heavy and stifling.

Love my new duvet !

Really love this duvet , have the pillows also and won't buy any other brand now . Great quality and much prefer to support a sustainable NZ grown product made by a company with a great ethos..

The best investment in my sleep I've ever made

Finally, a restful and comfortable nights sleep with the Wisewool Cloud Pillows and Weighted Eye Mask. I have never found the perfect pillow...until now. Every $ well spent, I absolutely adore these products, and the love and care that goes into them.

Holly from Gisborne

I have had my pillows and duvet for a couple of weeks.
I am so pleased with both. I feel my body "breathes better" .
5 star rating.
I have spoken to friends and family @ the products - 1st thing they say - cost is a bit over the top. My response is we spend an average of a 3rd of our lives sleeping. We are willing to spend a fortune on cars etc - in relation it doesn't even equate.

Weighted Eye Mask
Tracey Bevan

Weighted Eye Mask

Weighted Eye Mask
A.E.Carpenter (Dunedin, NZ)
Comfortable Luxury

I'm addicted to this mask already, it quickly became part of my night routine. Perhaps my favorite thing is the texture of the linen - so comforting on the skin. Sometimes I wake up and I've taken it off but am clutching it in my hand - so I suppose it's doubling as a teddy bear 😃

Linen Draught Stopper
Mandy D (Auckland, NZ)
Happy customer

Can't fault it. I like that it's slim enough to be bent at the ends so it can fit snugly against a door within in a narrow corridor. It feels sturdy and well-made.

So completely comfortable

Love the pillows thank you

Excellent pillow

So comfortable and well packed with wool. The quality of my sleep has improved considerably since the first night I used this pillow.


Had my first night on this pillow...slept like a log, something that does not happen often. Hopefully many more good nights to come.

Wisewool duvet

Fabulously warm and light. We’re thoroughly enjoying our sleeps under our new duvet 😊

Loving my pillow

This is just what I have needed during pregnancy and even better is made from natural, non toxic materials!

Great Product

We love the packaging and feel of the pillow. Great business model also.

Love it!

Had to do a bit of wool removal and adjusting but I love my new pillow and feel happy to support awesome kiwi businesses.

Highly recommend!

It is very good quality, soft and comfortable! I highly recommend!

Reusable Linen Face Mask
Rachel (Auckland, NZ)
Quality face masks from a quality team

During the height of the pandemic I still remember when Kind Face paused selling these as they were out of good quality elastic, that's the kind of company I'm glad to keep supporting. The team have great communication with customers if there's any delays as well.

Weighted Eye Mask
Rebecca Sim (Wellington, NZ)
Love my weighted eye mask!

This mask is well made and the weight is perfect. Really helps me to relax, both during the daytime and at night. Considering buying several more as gifts for friends!


Didn’t expect to be so happy with a sleep mask! It feels so nice and really helps to get a deeper sleep :)

Great Pillow

We had tried various pillows to go with the new bed and mattress, and then we struck the jackpot with Kind Face. Top notch pillow.

Love our Duvet

My wife and I just love our wool duvet. Cuddly and warm but not too heavy we are definitely sleeping much better since our purchase. Thanks Ken & Pam

Delicious deep restful sleep

I’ve always been a down duvet fan but found a new one with box panels was just too warm and no way to adjust the down filling. I wasn’t quite sure about the Kindface wool duvet but the first night captured me immediately. A very restful warm night and no more tossing and turning. It seems to be self regulating, plenty warm enough on cold nights and still lovely as spring approaches.
I lent it to friends for a night and they ordered their own the next day! And I got mine back!!
Highly recommended.

Wisewool Cloud Wool - Top Up Pack
Anne Kroening (Masterton, NZ)
Comfy Pillows at last!

I have made myself and my partner a pillow each with your lovely Loose Cloud Wool and we have been enjoying the comfort of it, and the nice sheepy smell!

"New Zealand's Duvet" - Premium Wisewool Duvet
Margaret Aylward (Whangarei, NZ)
The Premium 350GSM Wool Duvet

Excellent quality and lovely soft warmth of wool.
For older people 200 GSM would be better as older people like light weight warmth.
Friendly and helpful company and speedy despatch.

A piece of dream

Oh my good ;-) I have found a very nice duvet! Very similar sensation than with feathers but with wool. Heavier than plastic duvet, so you sleep better. (Apparently weight on your body makes you feel like in a cocoon and helps you sleep better). And! You can’t smell almost any of the sheep…
I was first doubtful to make that kind of investment for a duvet, but I’m now so happy to have purchased it!
Looking forward to seeing its durability!
Thank you KindFace and Chris for making thiñis beautiful product!

GoGenerosity Pay-it-forward
Jill Selbie (Christchurch, NZ)
Great Pillow

We had tried various pillows to go with the new bed and mattress, and then we struck the jackpot with Kind Face. Top notch pillow.