"New Zealand's Cushion" - Felted Lambswool Cover with Wisewool Cloud Inner


NEW PRODUCT: OCTOBER 2023 - These cushions are not only gorgeous to look at, they are gorgeous to touch. You should also feel good knowing there is more ‘New Zealand’ in our cushions than any other. Choose from 7 different sizes, and 13 colourways. 

We don't usually like to blow our own trumpet but we learned on the 2nd of October that Kind Face is a Good magazine 2023 Best of Natural Awards double winner!! Our Weighted Eye Mask has won the Lifestyle: Eco Home category and the Kind Face brand has also won the Most Mindful of People award!

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New Zealand Wool Inside & Out

Felted lambswool cover filled with 100% Wisewool Cloud inner, both sourced from North Island farms

New Zealand Made

Handmade in our Auckland workroom where people and planet come before profit


Wool is a renewable fibre and naturally biodegrades making this cushion environmentally responsible

Adjustable Fill

Open the zipper to remove or add Cloud wool to suit your desired look and feel 

Treasure your cushion, with a little care it will be treasured for generations to come

Remember the days when cherished items around the home were handed down to family. This is what we wish for with our "New Zealand's Cushion" and why we have considered the materials carefully and ensure that when we make these cushions - they are made to treasure.

Treasure this cushion

Why Choose "New Zealand's Cushion"?

The Sustainable Choice

We have to hand it to the sheep; they take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to sustainability. Their fleece regrows after shearing, making wool a 100% natural and renewable resource.

Its natural resilience also gives wool products a longer lifespan than their manufactured counterparts.

Furthermore, wool is biodegradable and contains renewable atmospheric carbon. So when it finally is returned to the earth, it fertilises and oxygenates the ground by releasing valuable restorative nutrients into the soil. 

Looks good, feels good

We experience our world through our senses and not only will our cushions look good in your living room or on your bed, they are tactile and feel so good to touch.

The things we feel with our hands can remind us of things we feel in our hearts, textures and feelings have a lot in common.  As humans, we need, even crave, tangible, physical interactions with things around us. The natural texture of the cushions provides that connection, enabling a deeper sensory experience - which has to be positive for our wellbeing,

Texture also has this magic ability to let objects ‘speak’ to us. Our sense of touch is deeply rooted in memory, eliciting nostalgic sensations from childhood and other precious moments, thus triggering the emotions we felt in the past.

Who would have thought a humble cushion could deliver so much.

Bring Nature into the home

It is time to invite nature back into your home and move away from synthetic-based fibres.

Humans have an inherent love of nature, and some believe an inherent need to connect to nature.

Studies have proven both mental wellbeing and human performance are enhanced when natural elements are incorporated into our homes and places of work.

Cleaner air, healthier rooms

The more wool in a room the cleaner the air. 

A scientific test using formaldehyde in a test tube with wool in one and polypropylene in the other found that within 30 mins the wool had neutralised the formaldehyde yet in the polypropylene tube there had been no change. In fact it's probably still there whereas the wool has neutralised them.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) damage your liver and kidneys — but a Wool naturally absorbs and then neutralizes them. A cleaner air and a healthier room.

Hypoallergenic + Natural humidifier

Wool fibres trap dust, mould spores and other harmful allergens, removing them from the air and preventing them from being inhaled.

Wool is also a natural humidifier. It can absorb 25 percent of its own weight in moisture. On a damp day it takes the moisture from the air and on a dry day releases it back. Genius.

Fire Resistant, naturally

Most wool fabrics pass most flammability tests without the need for nasty chemicals.

Straight from the sheep’s back the fibre itself has natural fire- resistant properties. It’s great to know that the wool looks after the planet as well as the client.

It would take a fire with heat of over 700 degrees (that’s HOT) for wool to burn — and even then would self extinguish once the flame is removed.

Made In Our Own Workroom

We pride ourselves on our ethics and company values. From our workroom antics to material selection, we have considered the whole process in terms of sustainability and what's best for New Zealand and you.

Our Materials

Felted Lambswool

Wool fabric has amazing natural properties that make it both durable and comfortable, along with being healthier for your home. New Zealand wool is very white and takes dyes superbly, even the most delicate of colours. Growing up in a clean green environment enhances the sheep’s ability to grow a fleece that is both clean and white. We use a mid micron New Zealand lambswool for our cushions which is gentle to touch yet provides natural resilience to soiling and wear and tear.

The felted wool is produced at the Inter-Weave mill in Auckland. Established as a small family business in 1976., Inter-Weave has developed into New Zealand’s only remaining manufacturer of high-end, residential and commercial upholstery fabrics, wool homewares and apparel. They believe by creating durable, authentic, beautifully designed wool fabrics, the world is enlightened to the natural beauty, sustainability and benefits of NZ wool products.


New Zealand sheep are renowned for having the whitest, strongest and cleanest wool due to a combination of climate, care and expert farming practices. Wisewool engineer their Tairawhiti Gisborne farmed strong wool into resilient 'Clouds' which deliver a comfortable, supportive and shapeable fill - with a long lifespan.
Most importantly, as one of nature's most renewable resources it's nice to know that wool is better for our planet too vs synthetic fibres and feathers.

Like us, Wisewool is a family business. One big difference is we are at the start of our journey whereas Wisewool's ties to the wool industry stretch back over 130 years when a young William Henry Smith decided to take a chance on a parcel of land on the banks of the Taruheru River - in Tairāwhiti Gisborne. For more information on Wisewool we suggest you visit their website, or watch their educational and inspiring episode on Country Calendar.


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