Kind Materials

Our philosophy

We think the world should be focused on sustainability and leave out the nasty stuff like plastics, synthetic fibres and feathers where you just don't know how they were produced or what they contain. That’s why we use natural materials to create our product line and partner with New Zealand businesses to source them. 


All of our linen is 100% Turkish stonewashed high quality material - a natural way to dye the material. It’s one of the best fabrics out there and has a low environmental impact since the flax plants where linen comes from can grow even in poor conditions with little water. It also has these great benefits:

- Breathable and moisture-wicking

- Strong and long-lasting

- Luxuriously soft 

Sourced in New Zealand through our friends at James Dunlop Textiles. Absolute legends in the textile industry for over 110 years.


We have partnered with Wisewool, an amazing family business based in Gisborne with ties to the wool industry stretching back more than 130 years! We whole-heartedly believe their wool products are superior, and they are a good bunch of kiwi's too! 

You can see the process for yourself on the Wisewool website - from where the wool starts in a shearing shed through to arriving at our workroom.

Now, at last, a growing environmental awareness is seeing the pendulum swing back in favour of natural and renewable fibres. Product origins, composition and sustainability have regained their rightful value, and our 100% natural and chemical-free Wisewool is leading the charge.

Click here to explore the amazing pillows, duvets, sleep masks and cushion inners we make in our Avondale workroom using Wisewool Cloud and Blanketing.

We really, really love New Zealand wool

New Zealand sheep are renowned for having the whitest, strongest and cleanest wool due to a combination of climate, care and expert farming practices.

A better choice for families - Allergy and Asthma safe, along with being naturally fire resistant. Wool can help to regulate temperature, warming in winter and cooling in summer. Most importantly, as one of nature's most renewable resources it's nice to know that wool is better for our planet too vs synthetic fibres and feathers

We genuinely care about the wellbeing of the sheep who provide our wool, as well as the precious natural environment they’re raised in. When we know that both animals and the environment are happy and healthy, we can rest easy.


Where to begin? Lavender is an age-old remedy known for being the calming oil, the relaxing scent, and even a sleep-aid. You can rub it on bug bites or drink it in a tea. Cut up its stems or use the buds. With so many versatile uses, we just had to use it in our products.

Flax Seed (also known as Linseed)

Much like linen, flax seeds are known to be a wonderful enviro-friendly alternative to its competitors due to the low amount of water required to grow the plant. Flax seed holds heat longer and lasts longer than its heat pack competitors like wheat.

Completely biodegradable, too. Grown in the Canterbury region of New Zealand.

Packaging Materials

It wouldn't be right for us to make beautiful products from natural fibres and renewable ingredients to then wrap and package them in plastics or synthetics.

We make our own drawstring bags from calico cotton for our pillows and duvets, and choose recyclable (if you are unable to reuse) carboard cartons to ship our product range as they are rightly regarded as being the most environmentally friendly and sustainable options.

For some of our smaller items we use compostable courier satchels.

The final pieces of the packaging puzzle are thermally printed compostable labels and paper based packaging tape.


Since we believe in whole product sustainability, we’ve even considered our elastic, handles, and buttons in our designs.

Where possible we will use linen off-cuts but where another material is required we choose New Zealand made raw cotton cordand elasticfor example. 

We are always on the lookout for better choices and biodegradable alternatives or designs.