Introducing "New Zealand's Pillow" - The Cloud Wool Pillow

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If you’re not getting the best sleep, look no further! We have the ultimate pillow for you, made from environmentally responsible and naturally supportive Cloud Wool - also, it is fully adjustable so you can personalise the fill level to best suit your needs.

We are calling it "New Zealand's Pillow" as it’s designed for and tested on a wide range of Kiwis, it is 100% NZ made (in our very own workroom in Avondale, Auckland) and filled with pure, premium 100% NZ wool. Ready to upgrade your sleep experience? Find out why this is the pillow for you.

What's in "New Zealand's Pillow"?

Starting from the outside, the pillow casing is made from premium Japara cotton, and holding the Cloud Wool inside is YKK's Invisible Zip. The Cloud Wool fill that we use inside is produced by the legends over at Wisewool in Gisborne. They clean and process Tairāwhiti-sourced wool into the luxurious Cloud Wool that keeps you sleeping like a baby!

Although it's necessary to change the wool slightly from its original state, Wisewool takes great care not to destroy any of the amazing natural qualities of the wool. That's why you might pick up a very subtle 'wool smell' from our pillows - a smell most of our customers are in love with.

Did you know?

New Zealand produces some of the finest wool in the world. Our sheep roam hills that are unlike anywhere else; they are lush, deep green, and roll on endlessly. Just look at these majestic girls!

two share standing on a lush green hill with the rest of the flock in the background growing Kind Face Cloud Wool

Is This the Right Pillow for Me?

Side sleepers, back sleepers, and tummy sleepers rejoice! No matter your sleeping position, New Zealand's Pillow promises to keep you comfy. Cloud Wool is an incredibly appropriate material for a Pillow. Raw wool is worked into a soft fiber that has a luxurious feel to it.

Not all sleepers like the same firmness, so luckily New Zealand's Pillow is fully adjustable. Simply open the zipper and remove or add as much of the Cloud Wool fill as needed. Most of our customers prefer a medium or a firm pillow. So, adjust your New Zealand pillow as you please. Don't have enough Cloud Wool Fill? Fear not! We sell Loose Cloud Wool by the box! Check it out below.

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Comfort is King

We know that comfort is important. New Zealand's Pillow is made from natural materials, which puts it ahead of the competition and contributes to better quality sleep. No hot synthetic fill to give you night sweats! And the wool is hypoallergenic.

Do you wake up with a sore neck due to an overly firm, or lumpy pillow? A good pillow is essential for quality rest. "New Zealand's Pillow" is made for you, and your wellbeing. The super comfy premium Cloud Wool fill will ensure that you get a good night's sleep.

Although comfort is king, there's a fine line between proper support and comfort. It's critical that your neck, head and spine get the support needed whilst you sleep. Wool is unique already in itself because of the way the fibres behave and hold their shape. The mechanically engineered Cloud Wool in our pillows is even better and will gently support your body without being too firm. Sleeping positions and spine structure differ too, and that's why New Zealand's Pillow is 100% adjustable. You can strike the perfect balance between support and comfort.

Replace Your Pillow with "New Zealand's Pillow"

Experience the support and comfort you dream of with this new pillow from Kind Face - the best New Zealand made pillow money can buy. We’re proud to make a superior quality pillow from 100% natural materials. Here’s why "New Zealand's Pillow" is the best choice for you:

Advantages of Cloud Wool

  • Breathable
  • Easily washable (safe for washing) - DO NOT USE harsh detergents with wool.
  • Temperature regulating
  • Absorbent and moisture wicking
  • High quality material
  • Non synthetic
  • Excellent body support
  • Handmade

Even better, if in a year or two you want to refresh your fill, it’s easy and sustainable! All you have to do is remove the wool and use it in your garden (biodegradable) or maybe in another firmer throw pillow, then replace with new Loose Cloud Wool fill. No nasty synthetic fibres to be scared of here.

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 Try New Zealand's Pillow risk-free! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your pillow, you can rest easy knowing that you have 30 days in which you can return your pillow.

Invest in better rest, with the finest pillows in NZ. Shop our entire range of pillows below. And remember we ship worldwide!

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