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Wool products have become increasingly popular among NZ parents looking to provide their babies with the best comfort possible. Wool is a natural material with many benefits that make it ideal for baby pillows and other items. Not only is wool soft, durable, and breathable, but it can also help regulate temperature so your baby stays comfortable all night long. Beyond the many obvious benefits, wool will also deter nasty bugs such as mildew and dust mites, which will help aid your baby's overall health.

When it comes to choosing the right pillow for your baby, look no further than 100% New Zealand wool products. Wool pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial which makes them perfect for sensitive skin. They also offer superior support to keep your little one comfortable throughout the night. Many companies produce wool pillows designed specifically for babies with firm edges to ensure optimal head and neck support. These pillows are lightweight yet supportive enough so you don't have to worry about your baby getting too warm or uncomfortable while sleeping.

Synthetic materials, such as memory foam, are not recommended for toddlers. Whilst they can be more affordable, what you pay is what you get, unfortunately. What you'll discover is that most synthetic pillows can't be cleaned properly, which is a health hazard, especially for babies whose immune systems are only months old. Synthetic pillows are mass-produced (likely in an unhealthy environment) and freighted into NZ by resellers only interested in making stacks of money. We don't encourage anyone, let alone babies, to sleep on synthetic pillows. Even if you have set aside a budget, you can see it as an investment in your or your baby's health.

Mums and dads should take into account the age of their child when selecting a baby pillow – newborns will need softer options with no extra filling material, while toddlers, who are a few years old, may benefit from firmer pillows with more cushioning. What's the best part of Kind Face Child Pillows? They are fully adjustable. Just add or remove Cloud Wool Fill to adjust the size and firmness as needed.

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The Child Cloud Wool Pillow comes with a cotton (custom-sized) pillowcase. (As with all our products) Kind Face chooses only the best quality materials & fabrics to keep your baby sleeping, well, like a baby.

A good pillow is an essential part of our lifestyle and remains the same for adults and babies. A soft teddy bear hugging your kid is far better than letting your baby sleep on hard, unsuitable pillows. Children usually are not very cautious about sleeping and end up doing so in weird postures such as resting on their back or stomach. This can put a lot of strain on your child and can cause severe issues in the future. Since childhood is the perfect age when you can teach better sleeping habits to your child, we recommend you do so at the earliest.

Now that you know how important it is to have the right pillow for a perfect night's sleep let me introduce you to why wool pillows are the perfect pillows for your baby. Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic material that keeps your baby from getting rashes or allergies. Also, it is naturally resistant to mildew and mould unlike cotton stuffed pillows, where mold finds the perfect breeding ground!


A child's health and good sleep are a priority for every parent, and they try their best to keep their child healthy and safe. Since babies are susceptible to rashes and allergies, more and more parents are slowly switching to using natural products. Wool pillows are considered the best and safest natural product and induce good sleep for the child, protecting them from harmful factors.

You're going to love our pillows. Here are a few key benefits of Kind Face Cloud Wool Pillows.


They are Washable. Simply remove the Cloud Wool Fill and throw the case in the wash. The wool can also be washed in cold water with non-harsh detergent. Or you can place it in the sun to air out.


They are adjustable for thickness and firmness.


KindFace pillows are handmade, in Avondale, New Zealand, by us using the kindest materials we could find.

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They work for all sleepers: flat back-sleepers, side-sleepers and freestyle sleepers.


Wool pillows offer excellent head support for babies while sleeping. Since this is the age when spinal nerves and muscular joints start developing, it is essential to use good quality pillows that provide maximum neck and shoulder support and comfort to babies.

Baby sleeping on a cloud wool pillow


Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic material that keeps one away from rashes and allergies. It is also resistant to mold and dew, which makes it damp-free, unlike cotton, which creates the perfect breeding ground for mold due to dampness.


Wool is a natural fibre that creates a stable matrix when filled inside a pillow.

Since many toddlers are sensitive to chemical usage, wool is considered to be a safe, and natural material for toddlers' pillows.


Since wool contains lanolin, it is fire-resistant, proving to be incredibly safe for babies. Companies also conduct fire-resistant tests, concluding the safety of wool and pillows made by it.


Wool is considered to be a sustainable material. However, it is also necessary to check from where the material has been obtained. Therefore, an eco-friendly wool pillow is a perfect item for your toddler's bed.


Babies are considered to be quite sensitive. One moment they are calm, and the next, they throw tantrums. Since they are like this, one must be very careful while purchasing pillow and bedding materials. You must ensure that the material is eco-friendly, and organic and does not cause any allergic reactions. Over the years, wool has become quite famous among most parents for pillows, pillow covers and bedding material.

Studies have shown that wool induces good quality sleep. The added benefits of using wool material in bedding include a sounder sleep, lower heart rate, and extended duration of REM sleep, which is necessary for toddlers. Another experiment conducted in Australia on pre-schoolers concluded that sleeping on synthetic bedding caused sleep deprivation while doing it on natural cotton or wool bedding did not.

Wool is also a natural temperature regulator and can be used in all seasons. Due to its regulatory qualities, it helps monitor the toddlers' temperature and tackles overheating issues during sleep. In winter, wool articles keep the babies comfortable and warm.

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a baby safely sleeping on a cloud wool pillow


Now we can clearly see that wool products have more benefits than other natural products. They are suitable for both our kids and our environment and promise a healthier ecosystem for all of us to live in.

Now that we know about wool's benefits, let us dive straight into its sustainability. Do you know that synthetic mattresses and pillows are hard to recycle? Every year tons of waste are created due to these non-recyclable products, which harms our environment.

Wool mattresses and pillows, on the other hand, are durable when taken care of properly and are readily biodegradable in soil and water. Did you know that some farmers also use wool as a fertiliser for growing clean vegetables? How cool is that!

With so many benefits and scientific research backing it up, wool is considered to be one of the safest and best bedding materials and an excellent alternative to synthetic products. From mattresses to nursing products, treating your baby with natural products will keep them healthier and happier.

Let's be responsible parents and create a non-toxic environment for them.


A pillow is an important part of our beds. Besides being used for decorative purposes, they also offer us great comfort. The quality and type of your pillow decide the quality of your sleep. These days several types of pillows are available in the market, each one serving a different purpose. For example, body pillows are great for side sleepers, and these are long and offer easy spinal support to the sleeper. Sometimes these pillows can be used for decorative purposes as well.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pillow, you should take into consideration your height, weight, and body measurements. Since sleep is essential for maintaining good health, customers should invest wisely. Since many types of pillows and pillow manufacturers have been operating recently, deciding who offers the best comfort is essential.

At Kind Face, we have a huge range of wool pillows to choose from according to your needs.

Wisewool is a unique blend of nature and technology. They craft a premium and world-class fibre that captures and complements the natural properties of wool like no other brand in the industry.

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