Why a NZ Wool Pillow Is the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

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A good night’s rest has plenty of benefits, from improving your mood to boosting your productivity at work. As important as a good night’s sleep is, it is equally important to have the right mattress and comfortable pillows. We all have preferences regarding what kind of pillows and mattresses we would like to invest in. Which pillow is the best for you? Some people like to sleep with one, some with two, and some with none. Matching your pillow with your sleeping posture is of utmost importance.

You must be wondering which is the right pillow for you: a memory foam pillow, latex pillow, soft or firm pillow, one or two pillows, or an alternative pillow like a body pillow. Should you go for synthetic or natural fillings? After all, you will be sleeping almost eight hours every night! Let’s find out everything you need to find your perfect pillow and find out which is the best pillow for side sleepers.

a side sleeper sleeping soundly using woollen pillows


Let me introduce you to an interesting fact. Wool pillows were the first to be introduced worldwide since sheep were domesticated as early as 10,000 years ago. Wool has been around for thousands of years. Thanks to its incredible benefits, it is being extensively used in making various products such as clothes, rugs, mattresses, and surprisingly excellent pillows.

Unlike regular pillows filled with synthetic polyester fibre fill, wool pillows retain their shape. This is excellent news if you hate your pillows getting flattened or shapeless after using them for a while!

Wool pillows are the best down-alternative pillow for side sleepers. Down feather pillows are known for their luxurious feel. The down feather comes from waterfowl such as ducks and geese, which naturally produce an inner layer of feathers that has superior insulation properties compared to other types of feathers. These feathers have unique characteristics such as a fluffy texture, which serves to trap air within the quill and create pockets of warmth around your body. The lightness of the material also makes them great for packing into jackets or sleeping bags where you need extra protection against cold temperatures without adding too much bulk or weight.

The unfortunate downside to down feathers is that they are obtained only once a bird is slaughtered. It's certainly not as environmentally friendly as wool, which is likely the best natural pillow available in terms of being kind to the natural environment. Especially not if farms are mass breeding these birds only for their precious feathers.

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Now that I have introduced you to wool pillows let us dive in further and understand their benefits. Knowing the pros and cons of wool pillows vs cotton pillows will help you make informed decisions before purchasing one.

When you are looking for a pillow, you not only decide on the materials of the entire pillow but also check if the design provides you with enough neck and head support. Today there are multiple options available in the market to choose from for your pillow filling. Cotton is one of the most popular and readily available choices for pillow filling.

Pros of Cotton Pillows

Cotton is naturally absorbent, which makes it a more breathable pillow for all kinds of sleepers: side, back and freestyle sleepers alike. This means you no longer have to worry about sleeping on a sweaty pillow. Since cotton can absorb one-fifth of the water before it feels damp, this plays a vital role in keeping your cotton pillow cool.

A cotton pillow is an excellent option for someone who suffers from allergies since it is all-natural and free from synthetic materials. Many pillow fillings which consist of synthetic materials can prove hazardous to the health of sensitive sleepers. The all-natural properties of cotton also make it easily compostable and biodegradable.

Cotton is said to combine dual qualities, such as keeping you cool during summer and warm during winter. How does this happen? The fibres in cotton trap the air between your body and the material, thereby keeping you cozy when required. A cotton pillow works similarly. Therefore, cotton keeps you adequately comfortable no matter what season it is.

Cotton pillows are considered to be soft and also provide you with all the necessary support your body needs for a good rest. Sometimes, synthetic fibres give away a foul smell. This is not the case with natural cotton-filling pillows. You can be assured that your good night’s sleep will be odour free. Lastly, cotton is easy to care for as most cotton pillows are machine washable.

Cons of Cotton Pillows

Whilst some pillows mold according to your head and neck shape; this isn’t the case with cotton pillows. These do not necessarily take the shape of your posture and do not bounce back to their original shape. Initially, the cotton pillows are fluffy; however, prolonged usage flattens them!

Although cotton is a natural material, it is prone to dust and mites due to its water retention ability, which can cause skin irritation among sleepers.

Pros of Wool Pillows

Getting suitable material for your pillows should be your priority if you have a medical history of allergies. Compared to other materials, wool is hypoallergenic, making it safe for users with allergies.

Since wool has temperature-regulating properties, it absorbs moisture from the sleeper's skin and regulates the overall body temperature. This means you are kept cool and dry as you sleep. In the summer you'll have a cooling pillow and in the winter it will keep your face toasty. Studies have shown that reduced overheating and wetness means you sleep soundly through the night. Another perk of wool usage is that it reduces your pillow acne and pressure lines on your face, thereby keeping your face glowing!

There is a common misperception that wool is rough and itchy filling. However, this isn’t true. Wool filling creates a soft, lofty filling for your pillows. Unlike other materials, like cotton, wool retains its shape and doesn't lump up.

Wool is considered an eco-friendly and biodegradable product, meaning it won’t pollute our environment. Wool is also pretty durable and lasts longer than artificial fibres. The magic of wool pillows doesn’t stop just here. Wool pillows are supposed to be the perfect purchase for those who sleep on their back, stomach, or side sleepers.

If you have small children and want to give them the best sleeping experience, make sure you invest in a pair of wool pillows. These are allergen and bacteria-free, 100% Natural, and eco-friendly, ensuring good health and comfort for your child.

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Cons of Wool Pillows

While I have discussed the great benefits of wool pillows, it certainly has their drawbacks. Though offering a lot, Wool pillows can be considered a premium product and may be slightly more expensive than cotton pillows.

Since wool pillows are entirely natural, they may emit a natural odour that could cause problems for light sleepers. However, with time these natural odours fade away.

When it comes to wool pillows, cleaning them can be pretty tricky. Hence they require supervision and care while cleaning to make them last longer. Since wool pillows are premium products, it is best to do a quick surface cleaning. I would recommend you carefully read the instructions on your wool products. Every product has pros and cons; I recommend purchasing wool pillows for your household.


The material of with which the pillow is filled decides its functionality, quality, and firmness. Many pillow fillings are available for consumers to choose from, such as memory foam, alpaca feathers, cotton, or polyester. Luckily, wool is an old natural material that promotes support and comfort for sleepers. There are pillows designed specifically for every side, back, and stomach sleeper. So why shine the light on side sleeper pillows?

Did you know that almost 70% of the adult population are sided sleepers? Several research publications in 2022 have shown that someone sleeping on their side has added benefits, provided your spine is straight and in a natural position. When performed correctly, side sleeping can reduce snoring and improve gut health.

Awkward sleeping positions are the reason why your legs are cramped and hurting. Sleeping on your side with a comfortable pillow between your legs will provide the added comfort required for a peaceful sleep.

Sleeping with a pillow between your legs will improve your breathing if you suffer from sleep apnea. You can also try to keep a knee pillow to help you align your spine and open your airways.

Quality sleep is essential both for adults as well as toddlers. Sleeping through pregnancy is a worry for most mothers-to-be. The added weight puts more pressure on your knees. Therefore, sleeping with a pillow between your knees can be your saviour and provide you with the required comfort.

Sleeping on your side is comfortable and improves your spinal alignment as well. I would surely recommend you to sleep on your side.

Kind Face pillows are designed with all sleepers in mind. There are all types of sleepers: side sleepers, back sleepers, belly sleepers and freestyle sleepers. Side sleepers prefer a pillow to support their sideways posture. Every type of sleeper has a slightly different need and you'll want to choose a pillow according to your sleeping style. For instance, side sleepers who need a relatively flat surface, on which to lay their head, would be looking for a pillow that isn't over-filled. Or alternatively an adjustable pillow, like Kind Face's Cloud Wool Pillows. Then there are other sleepers who like a well-filled pillow. For them we recommend buying an extra box of Cloud Wool Fill, in case you need to add more wool to your pillow to get it very firm and bulky. Our standard Cloud Wool Pillow is a great choice for side sleepers. The Kind Face Cloud Wool Pillows come with enough cloud wool to support this sleep style. Side sleepers with shoulder pain might even need to remove some wool until the shoulder is optimally comfortable.

We think you need a pillow that feels like a cloud. No, we think you deserve one. Try it out for 30 days risk-free.

Our adjustable Cloud Wool Pillows are popular among our side sleeper community. Where others need thicker pillows to fill the space between their head and the bed, the standard amount of Cloud Wool Fill in Kind Face pillows is almost always enough for side sleepers.

a side sleeper sleeping comfortably using a woollen pillow


Neck pain is a common condition that affects millions of people across the world. The pain can range from mild, occasional discomfort to severe chronic pain that can interfere with many aspects of life. It is important to understand what causes neck pain, and how it can be managed or even prevented.

The majority of neck and back, as well as shoulder pain, comes from sprains and strains caused by activities such as poor posture, awkward sleeping positions, or carrying heavy objects incorrectly. In some cases, neck pain may be related to an underlying medical condition such as arthritis or whiplash-associated disorders. Improperly lifting weights or exercising can also cause neck strain and discomfort. For those suffering from frequent neck pain, regular chiropractic care has been found helpful in relieving tension and improving mobility in the affected area.

A good place to start is with your pillow. For those with neck or shoulder pain from sleeping, it's especially handy to have an adjustable pillow. Our Cloud Wool standard Pillows are fully adjustable and make a great side-sleeper pillow. Simply add or remove as much wool as is needed to keep your neck aligned with your spine as you lay in your bed throughout the night. The proper neck support is crucial to a good night's rest, without feeling uneasy the next day.

If you suffer from neck pain, like many side sleepers, you'll want a type of pillow that offers versatility. Most side sleepers usually need to play around with a few options, in order to find a supportive pillow that feels right for them. Our Cloud Wool Pillow offers you a lot of flexibility and is a great overall pillow for side sleepers. This pillow may be just the one you were looking for.

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The pillow has a rich history of undergoing several alterations in terms of material and design. This is the ultimate element required for a peaceful sleep. The right pillow will alleviate chronic joint pains and boost the quality of your sleep. However, choosing the right pillow is essential with the wide range of pillows available.

Are you ready to improve your quality of sleep? Find the right pillow for yourself by browsing our range of products. At Kind Face, we believe in evolution and not pollution. We use high-quality materials that are kind to your skin. Since we believe in sustainability, all our packaging materials are compostable and reusable. Read more about our materials here.

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