Kind Face and I Am Hope support youth mental health in NZ through Feel Good Fundraising

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We've got BIG news to share! Kind Face is collaborating with I Am Hope for our very first Feel Good Fundraising partnership for the month of November. We give you 5% off any products and 20% of the sale goes back to the great cause.


I Am Hope‘s aim is to forever change the way people think, act, and feel about mental health. Their goal is positive societal attitudinal change by having Mike King and their Youth Ambassadors go directly into schools & communities to share their journeys through life's ups and downs.

The Key to Life Charitable Trust (KTL) is the administrative arm of the organisation where the board sits and all decisions pertaining to health and safety and organisational compliance are made.

The focus is on a need to be more vulnerable rather than ‘pretending everything is ok’. By normalising these thoughts and actions, students realise they are not alone and everyone is going through their own journey thus creating a more caring and empathetic environment. These talks are presented for free and all costs are met by KTL.

KTL and I Am Hope in-school mental health and mental well-being programs receive no government funding nor do they apply for any. All funding comes from sponsorship, corporate partnerships, grants, and public fundraising/donations like Feel Good Fundraising.


It's time to shift the dial of the current retail model away from imported, mass-produced products and move towards eco-conscious, local items. Kind Face launched Feel Good Fundraising in October this year. It is a simple fundraising solution for NZ causes and delivers much needed funds with minimal volunteer hours required. According to Kind Face founder Chris Larcombe, “Sharing retail margins with deserving not-for-profit organisations makes so much sense, and it feels good 😊."

We know you will “feel good” supporting this fundraising campaign and your community. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Kind Face is a small family business and our products are 100% made in New Zealand in small batches.
  • Almost all of our materials are natural.
  • Kind Face products feel good: they are designed for a positive sensory experience.

You can read more about Feel Good Fundraising here.


Lockdown has been hard on everyone, but kids struggling with mental health need our support now more than ever. Just in this lockdown alone calls to the Lifeline helpline have increased almost 40% compared to last year's level 4 lockdown, and it's not slowing down as we ease restrictions.

As a NZ business, we care about people, the environment, and making the world a better place. This is why we felt I Am Hope was the perfect choice to help give back to our community.

Mike King and kids; Kind Face wool pillow; Kind Face heat pack


“The biggest problem facing our people right now is an overactive inner critic. That’s the voice inside all of our heads that has us second-guessing everything we do, the voice of doubt that beats us up and tells us we’re failures, that we’re substandard, and even worthless.

Having an overactive inner critic is not a sign of mental illness, it’s a sign that we are normal.

If we want to help those who are suffering from mental illness get to a better place, then we are going to have to start talking openly about our own problems. We need to lead by example. That’s especially important when it comes to our kids. If our young people see adults talking openly about their problems then guess what? They’ll start talking openly about their problems. They will also understand that having a tough time doesn’t mean they are mentally ill.  

Let's take better care of each other.”


If you want to take part, use the code IAMHOPE when shopping our Feel Good Products online to get 5% off. In return, 20% of the sale goes back to I Am Hope. You can also follow us on social media to easily share our I Am Hope + Feel Good Fundraising content.

Check out our Feel Good Products to support kids' mental health & local NZ business and show your Kind Face.

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