Benefits of Pregnancy Body Pillows

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Pregnancy may be natural, but it can be far from easy and takes a toll on every woman going through this special time. Among the different changes, your sleep may be affected early on as your body starts to grow a tiny human inside. Sleep can be hard! You can’t find a position, you’re uncomfortable, and just need a little more support. That’s where a pregnancy pillow can come in. 

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Since you’ve got nine months of aches and pains to handle, let’s look at one option that is natural and can help you support your joints and mental health, too. The best part? The right pregnancy pillow can help you out even after the baby is here during nursing and postpartum.   

Body pillows are a great start to get that extra support you need. Specifically, curved body pillows are amazing options for pregnancy pillows. If you’re still not sure why, we’ll give you some amazing benefits.


You need to get your rest while your body is busy growing a little miracle inside. Studies show that it’s a major factor in decreasing complications during pregnancy. Using a sleep aid like a pregnancy pillow is an easy, natural way to promote mum and baby health alike. The longer you sleep, the more rested your body will be and the safer the pregnancy.

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Finding the right spot to sleep in can be difficult - especially with a growing tummy! Use your body pillow to lean against, throw an arm over, or wedge between the legs to support knees and ankles. It will give you something to help readjust in the middle of the night without too much trouble (I’m looking at you, third trimester!)

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Need a hug? Having a body pillow to hold will relax you and melt away tension. It’s like having a good friend or someone to cuddle - except way more soft and fluffy! The full length pillows can also mimic having another person in bed to ease loneliness should you find yourself alone some nights.


One of the best benefits of the curved full body pregnancy pillows is that you can use it at all phases in your pregnancy - before, during, and after. It’s so versatile! Once the baby has arrived, you can keep using the pillow for yourself or use it to help prop up the little one. Some mothers choose to use it during breastfeeding as well to make it a bit more comfortable. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a smooth delivery, so if you need extra time to recover then the extra support of a body pillow can do wonders.


Rolling onto your back to sleep can actually be harmful for the baby. By around 20 weeks, you need to make sure you’re sleeping only on your side. This helps keep up blood circulation to the baby. Either drape your arm and leg over the pillow to keep you planted to the side, or if you prefer it against your back it can hug you from behind.

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Most adults experience some sort of knee, back, or hip pain. It’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep and make it through the night if you’re constantly tossing and turning due to pain - especially when pregnant and experiencing side effects like swollen ankles and joints. Our suggestion would be to use the pillow as an anchor. If placed between the knees and then ankles, you can get those hips aligned and relieve back pain, too.


Ever wake up with sore knees or ankles? If you choose a wool filled pregnancy pillow, you’ll get a supportive fill that cushions your joints all night long. Polyester pillows lose their bounce very quickly, but wool lasts for years. You can easily open and adjust our pillows to ensure the wool is supporting you in just the right spots. Your knees and ankles will thank you!


When it’s this good, you need to take it everywhere! Don’t worry if you head out for the weekend, because you can bring a pregnancy pillow with you! Even if you end up on a subpar mattress at the holiday home, you’ve still got the supportive pillow that keeps you sleeping all night long.

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You’re in luck - we’ve got what you need! Every pregnancy and every body is different, so Kind Face created a few options you can choose from depending on your stature and if you want a curved pillow or not. Our signature touch is that we never use polyester filling - you’ll only find 100% NZ cloud wool fill inside of our body pillows. Au naturel.

Wool is hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and clean. You can’t beat the feeling of sleeping on natural materials.

If you need help deciding which body pillow is best for you, we’re happy to help!

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